The adoption of Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals in September 2015 and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change in December 2015 represent a major policy breakthrough in the global development discourse. Both of these global commitments have set extremely ambitious and transformational goals which essentially lead to the transition to an inclusive, low carbon and resource efficient societies. Africa, as a region that is at an early stage of development where about 75% of its economic infrastructure is yet to be built, has the greatest leapfrogging opportunity to such a society. However, understanding and managing the impact of technological lock-in and leapfrogging are central for achieving transformative development that leads to an inclusive, low carbon and resource efficient economies. ATLAS is a regional think-tank dedicated to the promotion of transformative leapfrogging in Africa for the transition to Wellbeing Economies that continuously meet the needs and aspirations of their people while maintaining a healthy and sustainable natural ecosystem. It provides systems-based solutions for transformational development in Africa.

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