The Context

Africa as a region is currently faced with multitudes of economic, social and environmental challenges that are adversely affecting the wellbeing of its people. Most of these challenges are mainly caused by combinations of development policy and leadership failures which have national, regional and global dimensions. While there has been some positive trends observed in recent years in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the region is significantly lagging behind in terms of overall wellbeing improvement. The possibility for the continent to continue with the predominantly stagnant or downward spiral path is very high unless African countries change course from the currently dominant and unsustainable socio-economic development model. Fortunately, Africa has a unique leapfrogging opportunity to transition to an inclusive, low carbon and resource efficient economy through rational utilization of its resources (both natural and human) endowments. This would, however, require critical rethinking of development policies and planning processes through a transformative lens and systematic hybridization and deployment of the most advanced technologies and knowledge systems with context-specific and relevant knowledge.

Our Vision

The vision of the African Transformational Leapfrogging Advisory Services (ATLAS) is to see an Africa that progressively meets the fundamental wellbeing of its people in accordance with the vision and aspirations laid out under Agenda 2063 and that becomes a key player in the global sustainability transition as outlined in Agenda 2030 on Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

ATLAS’s mission is to provide cutting edge advisory and technical support to African countries and development organizations with a particular focus on transformational policy and planning processes that enhances Africa’s leapfrogging potential to an Inclusive, Low Carbon and Resource Efficient economies.