Areas of Expertise

Taking into account both the individual and collective expertise of the company, ATLAS provides the following core technical and advisory support services with the purpose of promoting and supporting transformational change in African development landscape.

Sustainable Infrastructure Development (SID): Africa’s leapfrogging possibilities are SInframainly determined by the kind of energy, industry, transportation, urban and institutional infrastructure countries develop in the coming decades. ATLAS provides context-specific policy and technical support for the development of a sustainable infrastructure that enables African countries to realize their full transformative potentials.

Sustainable Resource Management (SRM): efficient and judicious management of Africa’s SRM1natural resource, which provides the ecological foundation for its development, is a critical element of the transformational leapfrogging that Africa could have. ATLAS provides the relevant policy and technical advice on sustainable resource management based on context-relevant lessons and practices from the region and across the world.

Inclusive Green Industry (IGI): industrializing the African economy is a key part of the SInd21st transition, as the global economy moves to Industry 4.0. However, Africa’s industrialization should not follow the unsustainable path taken by other regions. ATLAS provides state-of-the art technical and advisory support on effective integration of industrial resource efficiency and inclusive digitization in Africa’s industrialization processes.

Distributed Renewable Economy (DRE): The transition to an inclusive, low carbon and DREresource efficient society requires having a broad-based local economic development that promotes job-creation and value addition at the local level. ATLAS provides advisory and technical support on policy and planning processes for the development of a distributed renewable economy that is driven by the recent developments in renewable energy developments, digital economy and distributed manufacturing systems.