Services and Principles

Our key services

The following are key services which ATLAS provides covering one or combination of the core areas of expertise listed above.

  • Policy review and formulation: based upon the extensive experience and expertise of its core team, ATLAS provides policy advisory support, which may range from review of existing policy regimes up to formulation of new policies, to countries and organizations.
  • Planning advisory: ATLAS provides custom-made and targeted advisory input to planning process with a focus on specific or combination of the different stages of a planning cycle at project or programme level and to local, national or regional planning processes
  • Capacity building: we provide generic or custom-made capacity building training in areas that are related to our core areas of expertise. This will be supported by the extensive institutional and expert networks it has through its core members.
  • Advocacy networking: ATLAS will partner and collaborate with network of like-minded actors for the promotion of an inclusive transformational development in Africa.

Our guiding principles

ATLAS is an African-based company that is committed to the sustainable development of African Countries and its operation and services are guided by the following key principles.

  • Systems approach: our services and operations are guided by systems thinking which starts with understanding the specific dynamics at local & national level & progressively working across the incremental-transformational spectrum in developing solutions.
  • Sustainable enterprise: ATLAS is a company that strongly believes in the core values and principles of corporate environmental and social responsibilities and, as a sustainable enterprise, it is committed to undertake all its activities in accordance with the highest standards of social and environmental compliance.